Welcome to the Galtee Walking Club

Hello and failte to the Galtee Walking Club, Cnocadóiri na Gaibhlte, based in and around Tipperary in Ireland. Our club has been in existence since 2003 and was started initially by a core group of hill walking enthusiasts who were born and raised around the foothills of the Galtee mountains and the Glen of Aherlow in South Tipperary. Since then, it has grown and diversified and currently has a membership of over 150, drawn from all over Munster. We offer a number of different graded walks on a regular weekly basis throughout the year which are available to new members or to those wishing to join us for a one off sample hike.  more

Galtee Challenge/Crossing, 2014

This year's special tenth anniversary Galtee Challenge and Crossing takes place on Sunday, June 29th, 2014. It is a 31km traverse of the entire Galtee Mountain range, taking in all major peaks with a total height gain of 1700 metres approx. and a maximum altitude of 919 metres. The direction alternates each year and for 2014 it is west to east, starting in Anglesboro, then to Temple Hill, Lyracappul, Carrignabinnia, Slievecushnabinna, Galtee Mor, Galtee Beag, Greenane and Farbreaga, with the finish at Cahir.
More information and Registration Form available on the Challenge/Crossing page.

Glen of Aherlow Walking Festival, 2014

The Glen of Aherlow Summer Walking Festival takes place on May 30th, June 1st and June 2nd, 2014 with a total of 9 guided walks over the 3 days covering all levels of ability. Details  Festival Brochure

The Fei Sheehy Challenge, 2014

The Fei Sheehy Challenge is a 3-day self navigating challenge walk, taking place on August 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2014, which traverses the Comeragh, Knockmealdown and Galtee Mountains. Participants can choose to undertake any one, two or all three day walks. This charity fund-raising event is supported by the Peaks, Nire Valley Bogtrotters and Galtee walking clubs. website

Wednesday Evening Walks

The evening walks are now in full swing with three having already taken place. Weather conditions have been favourable for all three and numbers attending have been good.
Wednesday evening walk on April 23rd, 2014, at the entrance to Aherlow Nature Park. Leader George Keogh.
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News, April 20, 2014.

Easter weekend offered a variety of walks by different clubs and organizations and some of our members participated  in The Mitchelstown Festival and the National Pilgrim Path walks in Kilcommon and St Declan's Way. At home, the club fielded three walks, with a C walk in Clonmel, facilitated by Alec Lee. This novel 11km loop walk took in the Glenary Valley and Russelstown Wood, ending with a most interesting and informative talk by Ben Guiry on the history of Carey’s Castle and the Glenary area, accompanied by old photographs and documents. Much appreciated by all. Anne O’Donnell was out with the B walkers on the hills overlooking Cahir and Joe Browne was with the A walkers in the Blackrock Valley.
The Wednesday evening walks are now well under way with growing numbers turning out to enjoy the magic of those Spring evenings. Walks start at 7pm and full details are on the Schedule page. We thanks all the club members who are facilitating these walks.
Next weeks walks: Sunday 27th April, Pat Ryan will meet the A group at Grubbs Monument at 10am for a hike in the Knockmealdowns. The B group will meet with Roger Lonergan at Clydagh Bridge at 10am and George Keogh will lead the C group out from Christ the King at 11am
C walk in Russelstown Wood and the Glenary Valley, Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2014. Leader Alec Lee.
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