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Hello and failte to the Galtee Walking Club, Cnocadóiri na Gaibhlte, based in and around Tipperary in Ireland. Our club has been in existence since 2003 and was started initially by a core group of hill walking enthusiasts who were born and raised around the foothills of the Galtee mountains and the Glen of Aherlow in South Tipperary. Since then, it has grown and diversified and currently has a membership of over 150, drawn from all over Munster. We offer a number of different graded walks on a regular weekly basis throughout the year which are available to new members or to those wishing to join us for a one off sample hike.  more

Club Membership

A new facility to pay the Club membership fees online by credit card or PayPal is now available here.
Membership for the coming year is now open and new people who join can have up to 14 months membership for the price of 12 as the club year ends on October 31st, 2015. New walkers are always welcome. The printable membership form is still available here for people who prefer this method.

Map, Compass, GPS and Digital Mapping Training Course

We are pleased to announce a Map, Compass, GPS and Digital Mapping training course for November 2014 comprising of 5 (Tuesday) evening sessions and 2 (Saturday) half days in the field.
The venue for the classroom sessions will be the Lisvernane Community Centre.  The field day venues will be announced during the course.
The cost of the course will be €100.  
The course leader is Mike Moroney.
more details

Beire Breifne Weekend  6 – 7 Sept 2014

Another successful tranche of this historic walk has been completed by a group of 20 club members under the joint leadership of Breda and Mike.
The Saturday trek started in the scenic village of Glengarriff. From here a short boat trip brought some of our members to the beautiful Garnish island. Others continued in the shadow of the Cabh Dudb mountain and over the Coomhola River, then into  the valley of An Coinigeor, with views of the Shehy mountains to our right where we encountered a herd of Highland cattle. The days walk ended with weary legs as we descended to the glacier lake of Gougane Barra. We enjoyed our dinner in the views of this ancient religious setting.
On Sunday morning we set out for Ballyvourney where some of us put our cupla focail to good use. Along this trail we came across many sites with standing stones and the old church where Donal Cam O’Sullivan and his famous troops camped and  rested . We continued by the  Bun Shidh Lann river which we crossed on two occasions and reached Ballyvourney in good time to see the match.
Report by Rody Tiereney

News, September 14, 2014

The club's Sunday walks have started up again and we welcome all old and new members back to an exciting new schedule of walks. Three of our groups were out last Sunday to enjoy the exceptional weather conditions and the slow, quiet turning of the leaves. Spectacular panoramic views south to the Knockmealdowns and the Comeraghs were on display for the C walkers from the foothills of the Galtees around Raheen way. This was a leisurely circular walk, led by Liz McNamara, which ascended up from Mountain Road through the beautiful Scarrough Woods overlooking Cahir. It was a chance for many to get their legs back after the Summer and to renew their passion for the hills.
The A walkers were further up in the Galtees with Pat Ryan, starting at Kilcoran Hotel, then up through forest track on to open mountain. They followed a track along the forest line to 541, (here Thomas had to squeeze water from his clothes after taking a dip in a bog hole) !!! Then on to 597 where they enjoyed a lunch break before heading on to 631. They then made their way to Farbreaga and Greenane 802 and continued down to the lodge at 382, where another break was had before heading back to Kilcoran Hotel. Due to poor visibility, navigation was essential, thanks to Pat and to Brendan for his navigation skills.
8 B walkers led by Danny set out at 10am from Aherlow house climbing the avenue and crossed the main road to head on the track towards the Rock an Thorabh. On a glorious September morning the walk continued through the forest trails stopping at the millenium stone for a photograph and briskly arrived at the Bansha woods picnic bench for a sociable lunch. Continuing onwards along the marathon route the group climbed up the laurels track and fast paced along the tracks towards Christ the king. The walk ended back at Aherlow house via the nature trail after 4hrs 20mins and covered 22kms. A great day was had by all and guests Annette from Sixmilebridge and Bosco from Tulla completed the walk by thanking all for a most enjoyable day.
Please note that club membership  for the coming year is now open for new members who can take advantage of this early bird offer to join the club before the new year begins in October. We invite all to attend our AGM on October 23rd at the Excel in Tipperary. See our website for all details.
Next Weeks walks: Breda Noonan will meet the A walkers at 10am at Clydagh Bridge for a hike in the Galtees. For a  gentle climb of Galtee Mor, the B group will meet with Paddy Bourke at 10am at Kings Yard.

B walkers at the Millennium Stone on Sunday September 14th, 2014.

Galtee Walking Club Trip to The Zillertal Alps, Austria

This year’s Galtee Walking Club adventure was to The Zillertal Alps in Austria. The Zillertal Alps are a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps on the border of Austria and Italy. The range is named after the Zillertal (Ziller river valley) on its north.
 Mayrhofen in the Austrian state of Tyrol was our base. This Mecca for the outdoors is located approximately an hour from the Tyrolean capital city of Innsbruck and is situated near the Hintertux glacier, which, at 3250m above sea level, is above the snowline. The town sits between the Penken and the Ahorn mountains which provide ski runs in the winter and mountain biking, hiking and paragliding in the summer. The main lifts. Ahorn, Penken and Finkenberg give great access to high level walking.
The town provides an excellent base for walkers - there are clearly marked walks suitable for everyone from beginners who can walk along the vast network of paths in the Ziller valley to experienced walkers (such as The Galtee Walking Club!) who can walk on the mountains. There are also excellent bus and rail services both along the valley and up into the mountains. A few of us found this out when we were too busy scoffing ice cream and had to get the last cable car to the next town. With typical Austrian efficiency we were able to get out of the cable car, walk 50 metres to the bus stop and get a bus 3 minutes later.
This report covers Day 2. Hopefully some other adventurers will write about other days and post a few of the 100’s of photos taken.
Day 2 first stage of The Berlin High Trail
Pat Ryan led his band of budding Alpinists along the first stage of The Berlin High Trail from the town of Mayrhofen to the mountain lodge called Edel Hutte.
In the second half of the 19th century, the scientific interest in making the Alps more accessible grew. Newly founded Alpine associations began to build shelters along with the necessary access paths to link them. These huts were located at very high elevations and often they exploited already existing pathways that had been used by hunters and smugglers.
In the Zillertal Alps, the Berlin section of the German and Austrian Alpine Association was especially active and constructed many of the huts and trails in the area. As we made our way across the granite slabs of this trail, many of which had to be worked by hand, we could grasp the tough work the locals had to put into this project.
The start of the trail was the top station of the Ahornbahn cablecar from Mayrhofen which dropped us at a very convenient 1955 meters. The Ahorn Cable car, which is the largest cable car in Austria (160 passengers) is situated at the southern end of the town. We wondered why it had tables. The size of the gondola means that it can also be used as a "floating cafe" when the weather is bad.
From the station of the Ahornbahn we saw the path to Edelhutte but a few people spotted an extra peak with a large cross on it off to the side. Perhaps we were missing Galtymore, or wanted to work off some of the copious slices of Apple Strudel, so what could we do but climb it? The path climbed easily and we were soon well away from the crowds with a rapidly improving view across the valleys, thundering waterfalls and soaring mountain ridges of the area. Clear blue skies made visibility excellent. After the initial steep climb, the gradient eases for a while before a steeper final section up to the summit of the Filzenkogel (2227m) with its large cross marking the summit. Still mad for more hills, the crew continued southeast along the ridge to the next un-named summit (2230m).
We retraced our steps to the cablecar and then on the path to Edelhutte (2238m). There was a lot of descending and then we started on a fairly steep zigzag path. A very relaxing lunch was had in the glorious sunshine of the Alps. Just one tip – if you order meatloaf it is actually a big slice of Spam. It was necessary to drink some beer to get over the shock. Well rested, we descended gradually through forests, roaring rivers and bell ringing cows back down to Mayrhofen and a juicy steak.
This was just one of six days of nonstop fun on this holiday. Activities included walking, coffee drinking, cycling, via ferrata, more coffee drinking, paragliding, dancing, sing songs, chilling out, bakery reconnaissance missions, a trip to Innsbruck sprinkled with a bit of shopping. Were we really away for only one week?
A huge thank you to Breda and Pat Ryan for the superb job that they did in organising it. 
Report by Helen Shanahan
A week in Austria would drive you up the wall

Swimming at Tipperary Pool

The Sean Treacy Memorial Swimming Pool in Tipperary Town is a great amenity for the local area and deserves support. It has been suggested that Galtee Walking Club members could go there as a group on Tuesday evenings for the 8:30 to 9:45 session. Meet outside the pool with Danny Bailey at 8:30pm on Tuesday next or any Tuesday thereafter. The cost of a session is €5.50. More information from Danny on 085 1316995.

Fei Sheehy Challenge

Fei Sheehy Challenge
Galtee Walking Club members who completed the 3 day Fei Sheehy Challenge - crossing the Comeragh's, Galty's and Knockmealdown mountain ranges over three consecutive days.  Walk Report

Bens Photos

Club member Ger Sheehy spent some time on the Bens in Connemara last week. Photos of the trip can be seen here.

Wicklow Weekend, July 12th and 13th, 2014

“Happiness is heading for the mountains with friends” Paddy’s weekend in Wicklow was surely that.
The base for the weekend was Lynham’s Hotel in Laragh.
Paddy organized a bus for the Saturday morning to take the group of 25 to the starting point on the Military Road. This road was constructed at the beginning of the 19th century to provide access for the British Army in the wake of the Irish 1798 Rebellion. This historic road now allows visitors to explore some of Wicklow’s fantastic natural beauty.
Luggala Mountain (595m) was the first challenge of the day. Through a rocky and boggy terrain and an early morning fog we made for the top of the mountain and could just about make out Lough Tay down in the valley. The Guinness family and now the Vikings TV series are all connected with this area.
We zigzagged down Luggala through a maze of fern and rambled on through a very inviting landscape of hills, valleys and forests until we reached Lough Dan. The atmosphere here was magical with the Lough’s white beach; some of the club members could not resist a dip. We continued walking through ruined dwellings from times past which blended into the surrounding landscape.
After a 5 hour hike all were ready for a bus ride back to Laragh and a good rest.
A small group decided to make their way back to Laragh by foot. Led by Proinsias De Paor, the group headed for Kanturk Mountain (524m). From there the group made their way across the ridge to Scarr Mountain (641m). This area is in the very heart of the Wicklow Mountains National Park and the views are breathtaking.  A long descent through beautiful mixed terrain brought them back to Laragh. Thank you Proinsias for your help and knowledge of the area.
On Sunday morning cars headed for Greystones railway station. The group of 27 made their way to Bray by train. Using the coastal path with its great views the group walked back to Greystones. A little café on the sea front in Greystones made for a perfect finish for a perfect weekend.
Thank you Paddy for a great weekend.
Report by Goretti Campbell

Wicklow weekend
On the way from Bray to Greystones on Paddy's weekend trip to Wicklow, July 13th, 2014.  16 photos

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