Correspondence received from sources outside the Club

This page contains messages from other walking clubs or event organisers which have been received by the Galtee Walking Club.

Lyme Disease Warning

To: Mountain bike / walking clubs in the South East
Re: Protecting against Lyme disease when taking part in outdoor pursuits

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing to you on behalf of the South East Regional Zoonoses Committee.  We are a multidisciplinary group of Human and Animal Health Professionals from the South East whose remit includes informing the public about diseases that can be passed between animals and humans.
Members of your club are involved in outdoor pursuits and may be at risk of contracting Lyme disease because of these activities.
Lyme disease, which is spread by tick bites, can in a minority of cases, cause severe debilitating heart and nervous system disease.  The HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre issued a warning to people who engage in outdoor pursuits in the summer months; ramblers, campers, mountain bikers and others who work or walk in forested or grassy areas to be vigilant against tick bites.  Ticks are tiny insect like creatures that feed on the blood of mammals and birds and will also feed on humans.  Ticks are more active and numerous in the summer months and protecting against tick bites protects against Lyme disease.
Tick bites can be prevented by:
    • Wearing long trousers, long sleeved shirt and shoes.
    • Using insect repellent.
    • Checking skin, hair and warm skin folds (especially the neck and scalp of children) for ticks after a day out.
    • Removing any ticks and consulting with a GP if symptoms develop.
    • Using tick collars for pets (they can get Lyme disease) and inspecting them for (and removing) any ticks.
Only a minority of ticks carry infection.  If a tick is removed within a few hours, the risk of infection is low.  The entire tick, including any mouthparts which might break off, should be removed with a tweezers by gripping it close to the skin. 
The skin where the tick was found should be then washed with soap and water and the area checked over the next few weeks for swelling or redness.  Anyone who develops symptoms should contact their GP and explain that they had been bitten by a tick. 
Further important information on protecting against Lyme disease, an information leaflet and a poster are available at
We would urge you to encourage your members to read this information and we suggest that a copy of the HPSC leaflet and poster be displayed alongside other club information.
Yours sincerely,
p.p  P. Brennan
Consultant in Public Health Medicine,
Secretary to the South East Zoonoses Committee,
Public Health Department.
MRCN 19055

Mountain Warehouse Limerick

To Whom this may concern
We have decided to email all local Walking & Scout groups in the Limerick area to advise your members that we offer a 10% discount on all in store items.
we are currently having a Price crash event for the next 2 weeks!
All members need to do to get a further 10% off is mention they are apart of your groups.
Kind regards
Store Manager - Limerick & Ennis
Mountain Warehouse 

Galway Walking Club's Marathon and Half Marathon Saturday 18th August 2018

Hi all,
I would like to remind you that the Galway Walking Club's Marathon and Half Marathon will take place on Saturday, August 18th 2018, from the Community Centre Maam Valley in Connemara, Co. Galway.
Pre-registration for the event is required. Download the form from the club website at:
Registration for the event closes on Tuesday 14th August.
We would appreciate responses from those intending to participate by that date in order to be able to guarantee a seat on the bus taking walkers to the walk start.
The marathon brochure is also attached to this email.
 This years registration fee for the marathon is *€30*.
 For any further details on the marathon please contact either:
Jerry Lalor*, the *Marathon Coordinator*, at  or
Ellen Looby PRO, at
As you can see from the brochure, the marathon takes place in some of the most scenic places in Connemara.  The route is from Killary to Maam Valley mostly along the Western Way.   It is mainly a flat walk, the highest point being Maumean at 259 meters, and while about one third of the walk is on the road the route is chiefly on green road or forest track. There are spectacular views of Killary Fjord, the Maumturks and the Twelve Bens along the route and the walk is a terrific way to experience this part of the country.  All participants receive a well earned meal in the Maam Valley community centre on completion of their walk.
 We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy your day with us in Connemara.
 Kind Regards,
 Ellen Looby

Hillwalking Day - Ireland, 01/01/2019

Dear Secretary,
An idea that you, as a hillwalking club, may be interested in.
If you are, please let me know and I will include you on the List of Participating Clubs.
Full details below.
Gerard Sheehy.

Fellow Hillwalker, 
The purpose of this letter is to introduce the idea of a designated Hillwalking Day.
I’m looking for progressive Hillwalking Clubs that will embrace the idea, participate on the day and drive it forward.
The initiative is not aligned with any organisation, group, or club within our community. It’s a solo run. I won’t be organising events or walks on the designated day. There won’t be a mass gathering in the centre of the Country to have a celebratory walk and a knees up after it.
If a Club, wants to organise a walk on the specified day then we can promote it via Social Media ( @HillwalkingDay on Twitter and @HillwalkingDayIreland on FaceBook) and a designated Hillwalking Day website but it will be up to those organising a walk to make a success of it.
If you’re a Club (or Individual member)  that goes out on the hill on a regular basis, you might consider the following:
- Do something that you wouldn’t normally do eg. a night or sunrise walk
- Go somewhere that you don’t normally go to eg. a stand alone mountain that otherwise doesn’t interest you
- Set yourself a target for the year and start on that day
- Bring a friend with you that keeps saying ‘I must go out with you sometime…’
- Show someone how to correctly use a map and compass (or ViewRanger)
- Walk with a FB 'Friend' (or two) that you've never met
Get your thinking cap on. The more novel you can make it, the better.
You have a wealth of knowledge; from footwear to clothing to equipment: from navigation to safety: from fitness to nutrition, etc. so share it with those around you that are already hillwalking and those that aspire to be hillwalkers under your tutelage.
What else would you be doing on the 1st of January…...?
Yours faithfully,
Gerard Sheehy

Fei Sheehy Challenge 2018

Dear Club Secretary,
Attached is information on the above challenge which you can distribute to your members, as registration is open.

Fellow Walker,
Individual Challenge
You may have heard of the Fei Sheehy Challenge which took place for the first time in 2014. If you haven’t; it’s a three day, self-navigating hill walking challenge to ‘cross’ the Comeragh, Galty and Knockmealdown mountain ranges.
Pre-registered participants can elect to do one, two or three days and the money raised via registration fees is donated to charities/voluntary organisations. If you would like to raise funds for a charity of your own choosing, via sponsorship card or online, you can also do this.
To date, we have raised over €32,000.
We’ve decided to run the event again this year (17th, 18th, 19th August). Pre-registration is open and we have 14 more registered this year than on the same date last year . If you log on to the website you can pre-register now. Numbers are limited.

Club Challenge
There is a perpetual cup on offer for any club that is interested in taking on this challenge. The current holders of the trophy are Wayfarers Hiking Club. In 2017 they took the title with 15 points (a point for each day that a walker completed a crossing). All 5 of their members/participants did 3 days.
If you and your club are interested in taking this Club Challenge on, please contact me -

Kind Regards,
Gerard Sheehy

Mountain Meitheal South East Work Schedule 2018

Dear All,
The dates for next year's Mountain Meitheal South East Work Schedule are decided.  We will be operating monthly from February through November, starting on Sunday February 18.  Work will continue on the main project at Galty Castle/ King's Yard on the Southside of the Galtees.  Meeting time is 1015 am sharp at the Kilbehenny Community Centre, Kilbehenny. 
We would kindly ask you to circulate this notice to your members and those on your mailing lists.
We are hoping for another record turnout next year as there is much work to be done - "many hands make light work". So let's get started on a roll - get out, get dirty and give something back.
Sunday 18th February, 2018 meet at Kilbehenny Community Centre @ 1015am (Exit 12 off the M8)
Come prepared for a day in the hills, be prepared for all weathers, for safety and comfort wear appropriate footwear. A packed lunch is advisable, including a hot drink. A change of clothes is recommended for the homeward journey. Bring gardening gloves if you have them; otherwise they will be supplied.  For this track we would also recommend you bring a pair of wellingtons as it is rather muddy!
New members, over the age of 18, are always welcome so why not come out with us on any of our Work Days in 2018 to see how we work and what we do.  Hands on training is provided by trained leaders and our work is not all heavy duty, light touch is our motto.  Routine maintenance is regularly carried out, such as fern cutting, branch cutting and clearing tracks and pathways.  One day a month for whatever time you can give will be much appreciated.
Rgds/Catherine (Quinlan)
Secretary MMSE
Mobile: 085 130 4540

Outdoor Activities in Transylvania, Romania

Hello there!
Greetings from the "land across the forests", as "Transylvania" would translate from Latin. The name does have a special something, and Bram Stoker was among the first to bank on the opportunity. Mystical forests deep into uncharted territory sounded just about the right kind of birthplace for Dracula, a soon-to-be world-famous book and movies character.
A few centuries later, in the present days, Transylvania is part of Romania, which is part of the European Union. However, some of the mystery air of an undiscovered country still persists. Being at some distance from the main Central European touristic attractions, Transylvania isn't (yet) flooded with hordes of visitors. There still is a strong rural air, with plenty of places to enjoy the traditional lifestyle of a country village, with straight-forward, no-nonsense delicious home-made food, with rolling hills still covered with majestic forests, with impressive mountains that hold their nickname "The Transylvanian Alps" in great pride.
The best way to experience the finest of what Transylvania has to offer is through a hike, mountain bike or snow shoeing adventure. We've been doing just that for the last 17 years, in a small-scale touristic business focusing on quality rather than quantity, connecting humans and nature in authentic experiences. Check out our trip reports, with tones of 100% authentic imagery and testimonials on our websites: and
Currently we are looking for business partners that share our philosophy, i.e. offering fine outdoors adventures and experiences in Transylvania for selected audiences, in tailor made, fully-guided trips with everything covered: accommodation, transport, meals, etc.
My name is Iulian Cozma, enthusiast mountain guide, owner and manager of the licensed travel agency behind, and I invite you to get in touch with us to discuss possible adventure tours, be it for hikers, mountain bikers or winter enthusiasts.
All the best from Transylvania, Romania,
Iulian Cozma
mountain guide
Iulian Cozma Outdoor Adventures
Tourism License 4148
str. Napoca, nr 2 ap 7
500092 Brasov, Romania
mobile phone +40.744.327686
Visit @ and @ our specialized mtb page
Write @
Follow @ and @

Across The Picos De Europa

Ibex Trex Group Walking Holidays
Picos De Europa
We have an amazing walking holiday available for groups. Walking across the Western and central massifs taking in the best areas of the Picos De Europa. Walking from Espinama and Fuente De, we walk to Sotres a mecca for walking in the Picos De Europa. We then walk onto the  Naranjo de Bulnes and onto Poncebos and the Cares Gorge via Bulnes. Finally finishing in Arenas De Cabrales. We also add a day and night in either Santander or Bilbao.
 The price is 675 Euro per person and includes 7 nights en-suite hotel accommodation, all breakfasts and 6 evening meals, lunches on walk days, onward luggage transfers, transfers from Santander or Bilbao, 5 days of beautiful walking and a chance to see either Bilbao or Santander on the final day and night.
 There is a 120 Euro single room supplement.
For groups we offer 2 free places per group of 10!!
Please contact us if you are interested in Ibex Trex Walking Holidays organising an excellent group walking holiday.
Contact Us
 0113 8151181
Our mailing address is:
Ibex Trex - Walking Holidays
12 wetherby road
17 south parade
leeds, Eng ls211bx
United Kingdom

Boolakennedy Luxury Self Catering Farm Cottages

Just a quick e-mail to introduce Boolakennedy Luxury Self Catering Farm Cottages Tipperary to the holiday market.
Comprising of two houses set in a private yard refurbished to an extremely high standard and all without losing their charm.
What makes them unique to other properties on the market is being situated at the foot of the Galtee Mountains with unhindered panoramic views of the Knockmealdown Mountains and all this located within a small working farm giving it a close to nature feel.
Amenities locally represent such interests as historical, walking, cycling, fishing, golf, horse riding, motorcycle and car tours.
Located 10kms from the Historic Town of Cahir, Co.Tipperary and 4 minutes from Juntion 11 on the M8 Motorway gives quick access to Cork airport in just 50 minutes.
We also have our own 8 passenger bus offering day tours to places of interest be it local or for instance say the” Cliffs Of Moher” . We also have a premium package that includes collection and return to airports such as Cork, Shannon, Waterford and Dublin.
Please visit our website for a full insight of what we have to offer.
I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to read our email and look forward to your response.

Siul Eile walking program and events

I am writing to see if you think your area would want to become part of an exciting walking project for rural mountain areas with Siul Eile.
My name is Liam Fleming from Clogheen, Co.Tipperary, a rural mountain area. Siul Eile came about because of a lack of locals utilising the natural resources that are surrounding them.
Siul Eile are groups of neighbouring rural communities coming together to form walking programs and challenges using the local environment in their own community.
We build walking programs using local under utilised resources such as quiet country roads, forest paths, tracks and trails.
It is designed for local communities to live quality healthy lives, socialise together and to combat rural isolation.
Since we started in  2016, in Clogheen Co. Tipperary and surrounding areas we have done over 120 walks, attended by over 450 individuals who between them walked over 27,000km, all in their own locality. The walkers were of all ages ranging from 4 years to 77 years. The walks were suitable for most people as almost all walks were between 3 and 8km with everyone walking at their own pace. The majority of walkers would have little experience of walking in forests or mountains.
Having already organised a few walks to promote the area, I seized on an opportunity through the G.A.A.'s Healthy Club Project. Through this the Couch to Mountain Top walking program arised. This involved four walks a week for 12 weeks, where we explored the Knockmealdowns extensively and also part of the Galtees. We had 160 locals take part in this program, who were amazed and surprised at all the trails on their doorstep as we rarely did the same route twice. The primary objective of showcasing what was on our doorstep had been realised. However a few other unexpected things also materialised from the program.
 One was that once the walkers got into the habit of getting out walking, they found it harder to miss a walk than go.Another was that once the program finished a lot of the walkers continued to meet up and go for their walks.  The other finding from the program was how much people enjoyed the social aspect of the walking. Modern Ireland has become very fast paced with people rushing from one thing to the next. The opportunities to meet and chat with your neighbours  are becoming few and far between. The church and pubs were once socialising pillars of communities but numbers nowadays going to either has dwindled dramatically. Even on a daily basis human interactions are becoming less and less as supermarkets and banks direct their customers to self serving machines rather than a bank clerk or till assistant.
Couch to Mountain Top brought neighbours together that would hardly ever get the opportunity to see each other and relationships strenghtened naturally.
Now that we could see that the social side was a very important aspect of Siul Eile, we set up the Howshecuttin'  program which involved night time walking in the dark months of October and November. The word was spreading about the enjoyment received from these walks and 50 or 60 people were turning up every night in the depts of winter to go walking on quite country roads but more importantly was the opportunity to have a chat with a neighbour.  
At the start of this year we started a new 12 week program called Community Hall Crawl which had us out 3 times a week culminating in a 36km road walk on the last Sunday in April. Along the route we stopped in 5 local community halls where each community tried to outdo the other in the spreads put on for the walkers!!
With a small bit of creativity I believe these walking programs can work in any place in Ireland but particularly in rural mountain areas.  
 Following on from our Couch to Mountain Top program, we were accepted to be part of BNest social enterprise incubation program being held in University of Limerick.
As part of that program we are looking to spread the impact of Siul Eile to other communities around the country. By the end of 2017 we are seeking to find 4-5 communities who would be interested in becoming part of a Siul Eile pilot program. We have tried out new programs this year in Killaloe Co.Clare and in Clonmel.
Siul Eile will provide start up knowledge, training and expertise to get Siul Eile up and running in your area. The idea is to organise different walking programs and events with a particular emphasis on rural communities, both in their own locality and in collaboration with other rural communities. I am contacting a number of communities in the Comeragh, Knockmealdown and Galtee region to see if they are interested in being part of energising their communities.It will also give your community a boost with large numbers regularly meeting up, bringing communities alive and strenghtening relationships.  
If you believe that your area has great potential for walking or would like greater numbers out walking together, then get in touch as soon as possible. If you think this social enterprise program is of interest to you or know someone who might be intersted, then please get in touch quickly as there is limited places to get involved in 2017.
We have  set up a facebook page,, if you would like to follow our progress. Also find attached some photos of our 2 exploits so far!! 
Liam Fleming | Founder | Siul Eile HQ, Clogheen, Co.Tipperary | t: 087 2268651 | e: | | 

The Sallows, Eco-Accommodation, Events & Training Centre, Clogheen

I'm emailing you as my research on walking groups around Ireland has pointed me in your direction as the point of contact for a walking group/club. As a keen walker myself I  wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you and your walking group to our new Eco-Accomodation, Training and Events centre in Clogheen, Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
If you have a moment I would really appreciate it if you could please take a moment to read my attached letter and introduce you to our new venture in Clogheen and some of the fantastic opportunities/activities that our local area has to offer walking clubs like yours.
Thank you for your time once again,
Garry Gleeson
The Sallows
Eco-Accommodation, Events & Training Centre
Address: Lower Main Street, Clogheen, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, E21 NW18, Ireland.
Office: 00353 52 7465700

O’Callaghan Coach Holidays

Good Afternoon All,
Following our enjoyable and successful trip to Snowdon in April we are continuing on with our Walking Series.
O’Callaghan Coach Holidays in Killarney have teamed up with mountain guiding company KerryClimbing for a series of guided climbs.
We will be travelling to Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo in May and a Walking Holiday in Scotland including Ben Nevis this September. We would be delighted if you could share this email and the attached poster with your fellow climbers!
You can view our information page on our website by following this link:
O’Callaghan Coach Holidays would also be happy to arrange bespoke walking holidays for hill walking groups. If you would like a representative to call to your next members meeting to discuss our Walking Holidays to Mayo, Scotland or any other Walking Tours that you would be interested in, we would be delighted to do that.
Should you have any queries or require any further information on any of our tours, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Kindest regards,
Alice Thompson.


Galtee Walking Club